Thankful For You {Thanksgiving Favors}

For the last two Thanksgivings, I’ve decided to make it a tradition to include Thanksgiving favors. An excuse to create… why not! This year’s Thanksgiving favors were made with the help of JAM Paper & Envelope. JAM Paper & Envelope have a variety of fun products that you will surely want to check out! They have a variety of cards and envelopes.. amongst my favorite being the kraft products. No […]

Book Page Feather {Thanksgiving Packaging}

In the previous post I shared my Pumpkin Spiced Cookies. Cookies a pumpkin lover surely doesn’t want to miss… so go check them out if you haven’t yet. Today I’m going to share one of the two ways I have packaged these cookies. The first packaging was made for swag bags that I was honored to contribute to. The second packaging are this year’s Thanksgiving favors, which I’ll be sharing in the […]

Pumpkin Spiced Cookies

I know I’ve been behind on my pumpkin love sharing, but as long as there’s still time before Thanksgiving it’s never too late! So bare with me as I try to squeeze in some pumpkin loving… fall loving… Thanksgiving goodies and packaging before time is up! First up… Pumpkin Spiced Cookies! Another spiced cookie that is surely going in my collection! These crispy cookies are richly spiced and have just the […]

Caramel Apple Parfait

I know you’ve heard me say that I don’t like using box mixes… and I don’t. But there’s this box of caramel cake mix that’s been sitting in the pantry staring at me every time I open the pantry door. No, I didn’t buy it. It just appeared out of nowhere. Okay, maybe not out of nowhere. Who bought it, I couldn’t tell you… but I think it’s been waiting for me […]

Brown Sugar Rice Pudding with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

I’ve had a thing for rice pudding lately. It just snuck up out of nowhere. Up until recently, I never cared to try it. As a matter of fact, I refused to try it! But once I did, I found myself saying… Say! I like rice pudding. I do! I like it. Sam-I-Am!  I really, really do! ;) With all that said, it should come to no surprise that I’ve never made rice pudding […]